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Fast and Free Shipping available AUS Wide
Fast and Free Shipping available AUS Wide

Vortex Carbon Belt Drive 55km Street Electric Skateboard

Original price $2,399.00 - Original price $2,929.00
Original price
$2,399.00 - $2,929.00
Current price $2,399.00

Meet the 2022 Vortex Carbon Belt Drive Electric Skateboard - Take to the asphalt and carve up some serious smiles with the Ultimate Board that is designed for riders who demand nothing but the best!

Carve coastlines with Comfort, Performance and a Whopping 55km Range thanks to the Vortex' Samsung 21700 Cell Premium Lithium Battery and Double King Pin Carve Trucks.

The Carbon Belt Drive boards are the ultimate board for maximum torque, acceleration, heat dissipation and the thrill seeker who demands larger wheel options for all terrain adventures.

With Dual 1,500W Belt Drive Motors (3,000W Total) this board can and will deliver serious speeds on BEAST Mode or reduce it back for a more relaxed cruising mode on the Lowest Speed Setting which is also excellent for beginners and riders of all skill levels.


As a general rule of thumb...
Larger Wheels Eg. 120mm = Faster Max Speed & Less Range / Distance on Charge
Smaller Wheels Eg. 97mm = Slower Max Speed & More Range / Distance on Charge

Wheel Options: 97mm Glow Wheel, 105 or 120mm Cloud Wheels & 155mm All Terrains.

Note: 97mm Street Wheels come standard with all boards, so if you order your board with 120mm Cloud Wheels or All Terrain's you will also receive 97mm Street Wheels as part of the standard package.

Key Model Features:

  • Top Speed: 52km/h
  • Dual Belt Drive 1,500W Motors
  • Up to 55km Range (on 97mm Street Wheels)
  • 44V / 15AH Samsung 21700 Battery
  • 97mm Street Wheels Included